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Inspiration for some new products?

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Luca Bortolato

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By Lavie Eibel.


  Melusina by Jay Briggs 

Melusina or Melusine is a feminine creature from European myth. A sacred river spirit bound to fresh water and hallowed springs, the Melusine is usually depicted with the body of a serpent or a fish, but, much like a mermaid, she is a stunning beauty from the waist up. This collection of headdresses by designer Jay Briggs celebrates that mythical creature in jaw-dropping fashion.

Photography: Fabio Esposito
Make up: Zana Moses
Hair: Gaby Winwood
Model: Skye Victoria
Apparel and Styling: Jay Briggs

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cuteandcrazed asked: Your work is beautiful :) I'll be a future student at cms c: So looking forward to it! Only two years left :)

good luck  ! You will see it’s a awesome school

I love it! 

Anonymous asked: I saw the daemon and may I say that is some effing awesome work.

Thank you a lot ! :)

Badass Zébra girls
my work with Loan Vb for the City Parade
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